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224 pages
Format 140x220 Hardcover
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ISBN: 9783701733583
ISBN ebook: 9783701745067

published in April 2015

Helmut Wohnout

Leopold Figl and 1945
From Death Row to the Ballhausplatz

This book opens up new perspectives on an icon of Austrian policy in the dramatic year of 1945.

Still in brutal solitary confinement in the Mauthausen concentration camp at the beginning of the year, Nazi prisoner Leopold Figl awaits his trial on death row. In April, as the Russians already begin to enter Vienna, he’s released. Soon after Figl organises the improvised Viennese food supply. In May, he became the first Governor of Lower Austria. Finally, he led the People's Party in November in the parliamentary elections, which made him the first Chancellor of the Second Republic. Based on meticulous research Helmut Wohnout allows the life of Leopold Figl to make the year 1945 eventful in a new whole new light.

Helmut Wohnout, born in 1964 in Vienna. Lecturer in Austrian history, managing director of Karl von Vogelsang Institute in Vienna. He’s been published in numerous publications on historical themes and has won several scientific awards.



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