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32 pages
Format 280x210 Hardcover
EUR 4,90 / sFr 7,90
ISBN: 370172007X
ISBN: 9783701720071

published in August 2006

Yvonne Kuschel (Illustratorin)
Nina Kuhn

What are you up to, Lilli?

The White Ravens 2007

The young readers of this picture book – as well as the old ones – know better. They downright turn into accomplices of Lilli's "not being up to anything": She cuts off her doll's braids, decorates the tiles with nail-polish, at the supermarket she builds a bridge with cans and boxes, she unstitches her dad's sweater, has a go at her mother's supplies of jam, and floods the bathroom. At night, when her parents think that Lilli is finally fast asleep she chases her cats through her bedroom.

Berlin based artist Yvonne Kuschel illustrated this tumultuous story with light, dynamic drawings that burst with delightfully fresh colours; book historian and neo mom Nina Kuhn created the text.

What does Lilli do when it is all so (too) quiet? "Lilly, what are you up to?," her parents ask apprehensively. "No-thing!," Lilli calls back and her parents breathe a sigh of relief. But is Lilli really up to nothing?

Nina Kuhn, book historian, worked as the editor and head of programs at the Literaturhaus München (Literature House). She lives in Hamburg together with her husband and her son Konrad and works at the Literatur- und Pressebüro (Literature & Press Agency) Pauw & Politycki.

Yvonne Kuschel, was born in Danzig in 1958, studied at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Design Course. Lives in Berlin together with her son Anton and illustrator colleague Beck and works there among other things as a cartoonist.



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