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320 pages
Format 140x200 Hardcover
EUR 4,90 / sFr 7,90

ISBN: 9783701720361

published in März 2008

Eva Schöffmann-Davidov (Illustratorin)
Britta Hellmann

Torrabaan's Eye

A journey to the centre of things

Breathtakingly exciting, black humoured and complex

"EVERYONE IS IN HIS OWN WORLD, RIGHT? What happens round about doesn't make any difference. But if a bug gets inside, that's when things start to get bad."

Alfons and Moritz, two friends who are totally different in character, both feel uncertain. Have they really been called to go on an immensely important mission into fantasy worlds? Or have they been taken in by a stupid joke and are now blundering haphazardly through a strange place full of weird figures? Does he really exist, this Myrf, who is the guardian of all gates? Or Tremolo the protector of sounds, the wise and ancient Gropo? Is Beelhaalhar really after them, accompanied by his nightmare legions? Can Tora Daar be freed? Must Moritz really turn back time to restore Alfons to the world of the living?

Britta Hellmann's debut novel is densely knit, brimming with drama, wisdom, wit and situation comedy. She sets the stage with stunning scenery and sends her heroes on an exciting journey into themselves - the greatest adventure of all. A pleasure to read and totally captivating.

Britta Hellmann is a screenwriter and puppeteer. A long time she worked for the Austrian TV-station ORF, conceived and created amongst others the famous figure Helmi. Today she writes books for children. She lives with her son in Vienna.



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