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32 pages
Format 260x200 Hardcover
EUR 4,90 / sFr 7,90

ISBN: 9783853262993

published in Oktober 2005

Jackie Gleich (Illustratorin)
Bruno Blume

How? A Book of the Seasons

A child picks a juicy red apple that is tempting to take a bite out of it. But before that happens the apple starts telling a story … He tells of spring, when he was a white flower. He tells of summer, when he grew and ripened while the children rested in the shade of the tree. Of autumn he tells, when he was picked and finally of the long, long winter, when he was lying in the cellar together with hundreds of other red apples.
A cheerful picture book that explains the course of the seasons to our littlest ones. Amusing as always, in this picture book Jacky Gleich surprises with an unusually caressing view of the world.

Bruno Blume, born in 1972 in Switzerland. He studied German, Psychology, History and Art History in Zürich, Arhus and Leipzig. He writes for children, grown-ups, newspapers and film.

Jacky Gleich, born in 1964 in Darmstadt, studied trick-filming at the Filmhochschule Babelsberg. Her just about forty picture books have been translated into fourteen languages and have been awarded numerous prizes. She lives near Weimar.



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