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48 pages
Format 210x285 Hardcover
EUR 4,90 / sFr 9,50

ISBN: 9783853262504

published in Februar 2002

Birgitta Heiskel (Illustratorin)
Monika Helfer

Rosie in New York

Seven stories about the unusual life of a little girl in the middle of the high-rise metropolis New York.

Awards and Book Prizes:
- Austrian Children’s Book Prize 2003
- Illustrators Prize of the City of Vienna 2002

Rosie is a little girl. She lives in New York. Her friends are Loisl and Ruta. Loisl is a black boy, whose mother bakes wedding-cakes. Ruta is actually a tiny figurine that can turn itself into a human to stand by Rosie whenever she calls.

Rosie lives in a part of New York called Harlem, where one can have wondrous experiences: bus-drivers who sing lullabies, jungle-kings in silver capes, skaters carrying snakes, and joggers who live in crystal palaces. The children do not only explore the real worlds of the metropolis, but they also find access to a mysterious and hidden world underneath the city, a world that only children's eyes can see.

Monika Helfer succeeds in blending old narrative structures with a glittering, breathless urban atmosphere. Her distinct, reduced style captures moments of city life that turn the city and its inhabitants into a fairy-tale. Birgitta Heiskel lovingly arranges objects found and material she collected in the streets of New York into strong, colorful collages. Her technique underlines the unreal atmosphere of the text and gives the book a very special touch.

Monika Helfer, born in Au (Bregenzerwald) in 1947, lives with her family in Vorarlberg. She has published numerous novels and short stories.

Birgitta Heiskel was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1962. She studied at the University for Visual Arts at Braunschweig. Since 1990 she has lived in Vienna as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist.



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