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Rights sold: Korean

32 pages
Format 210x260 Hardcover
EUR 7,90 / sFr 15,00
ISBN: 3701720029
ISBN: 9783701720026

published in Februar 2006

Daniela Bunge

Are you my Darling?

There are as many treasures as there are fish in the sea. If only you can find them!

Line is sad. When her parents whisper sweet nothings to each other and tenderly call each other “darling-treasure”, she suddenly feels lonesome and forlorn. Why can’t she have a “darling-treasure” as well?
At first she asks Poldi, the family’s dog, but when he pulls out her own cuddly toy from underneath the kitchen table she realizes that she has to go and look elsewhere. In the garden she encounters a snail who tells her straight out that she always carries her own “darling-treasure” around with herself – it is her own snail-shell. The fish mother in the brook describes her silverling-children as her greatest treasure, the sheep longingly stares up to his “darling-treasure”, the moon. They all have their darlings, except for Line!
Then she meets an old raven who invites her to sit on the branch of a large tree with him. He gives her some wise advice and all of a sudden she knows where to search ….

An enchantingly drawn and charmingly told story of the young picture book debutant Daniela Bunge. Her characters are lovingly kept in expressive pastel colorings. The story lightly tells of a theme that is not so light at all: the search for oneself.

Daniela Bunge, born in Zwiesel/Bavaria in 1973, discovered here love for illustration rather late. At first she finished her BA in Fine Arts to become a high school teacher in Regensburg before she studied illustration at the UAS Münster. She got her degree in 2005 and moved to Berlin.



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